May 7, 2013

The Verdict

Seven days later and she writes a blog folks.  I know, I know - I suppose since this blog is all about me being busy, I don't get to use that as an excuse, right?  I'm gonna get better at this "Daily Blogging" thing.

In the meantime, I will say a lot has happened this week.  Newsflash.  Duh.

7 days into my whole foods cleanse and I was 7 pounds down!  WOOOHOOO!  That was a happy sight.  Notice I'm using the word "was," in past tense.  For whatever reason I was up by a pound on the scale this morning.  Not-a-happy-face.  I have a couple of theories about why, but I'm going to be disappointed if any of them are true:

1. I've been eating past 9pm at night.  Only the prescribed foods still, but later than I was eating in the first week cause, dammit, I'm busy!  I don't get home until 8:30pm and then still have to squeeze in exercise.  Ugh.  Which also means I've been going to bed later.  It sucks, but I know I lose more weight when I go to bed on time.  No more late night TV.  Put down the remote, Jenn.
2. I've been exercising again.  Hard.  Zumba Saturday morning. 15 miles on the bike on Sunday. Back out running last night (only 2 miles, but my calf is better! Yey!). 45 minutes in the pool tonight.  I'm hungrier, so I'm eating more, but still only the whole foods that I've been eating all week.  Sure, sure, there's a "muscle gain" thing - but I honestly think that my body does something else when I start working that hard. I don't want to say I'm averse to exercise, but I have a remarkable ability to hold on to every ounce of myself and then some whenever I start to sweat.  It's irritating.
3. Turkey breakfast sausages.  I missed my breakfast meats, especially not being able to eat eggs.  So I cracked open a package of Jenny-O.  It's still turkey, but I did note on the package that there are some preservatives in there.  And since this is a detox cleanse, I picture my newly clean innards attacking those preservative and salt invaders and hanging on to them to the death.  They're fighting a wee battle in my belly, and I'm concerned that the salt is winning.  Must drown it in more green tea and water...

This week I'm just going to try to hang on.  I'm low on food at home and, no surprise, I'm booked every night this week, so getting groceries is going to be a sporadic timing adventure.  The only thing I am CRAVING is The Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich, and coffee.  Damn you Breakfast Sandwich.  Why can't I quit you?

I know from this little experiment that I have 2 for-sure nemeses (oooh, the plural of nemesis is nemeses...thank you spell check): soda (and by extension, artificial sweeteners), and wheat.  Week 3 is going to involve more of the same for me but I'm going to add back in milk, yogurt, eggs, and ALL fruits including bananas and oranges.  I don't think those are problem foods for me.  I'm going to try to keep cheese out for another week and coffee for the time being.  My suspicion is that my body will lose easier if I lose the glutens in my diet.  Which really sucks, cause I love me a loaf of bread, and beer.

This week I'm doing the same thing I did last week, but I'm journaling my food and counting my calories to get a good idea of how many calories I'm consuming each day of clean foods while maintaining (hopefully) more loss on the scale.  Once I have that number, I'll keep that as may daily goal once I start adding other things back in.  It's all a numbers game, and the body is not a calculator (as I know only too well) - but since my initial BIG loss, I haven't been able to find that daily limit that allows me to continue to lose and feed me enough to sustain my heavy training schedule.  And this year I want to lose more weight, safely, while training for my big race.  I'm so tired of being in the same place!  I'm just scared that losing another large amount of weight is going to involve forgoing heavy exercise for a few months so that my body can let go of what it needs to without being concerned with holding on to my fat for energy!

In other news, I only have 8 more days on the job, training my replacement until I am FREE.  The next 8 days also involve a film system install to one of our theaters, an HVAC (new heating and air conditioning unit) install in another theater, a repair to a unit in the 3rd space, training the new General Manager for 4 hours a day, city licensing all day tomorrow, and FOUR shows at Blue Man this week.  Someone call me on Monday and see if I'm still alive.

I'm worried about maintaining this momentum when I'm officially done with my full-time job to push that time and energy in to my own company and committing just as many hours to that as I have been when fully employed (well, maybe just a FEW less).  Right now all I want to do is sleep for a month.  And train for the Tri.  I know it's going to take a period of adjustment for sure, but my biggest issue is that I hate that I can't see the future.  Crazy right?  But it's true - if I knew what my life was going to look like in a couple of weeks, I would relax a bit about it I'm sure.  But I don't - no one does - so I'm just going to have to wait it out and go through the transition process as best I can.

The BEST part is that week 2 of my transition is going to happen in Vegas - and there's NOTHING wrong with that.  More on that to come!

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