May 14, 2013

So Many Things!...Gone Running...

I spent my allotted blog time this morning getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep and going for a morning run.  So I will just leave you with this instead:

Photo: Morning run face. Dude, it's getting hot out there! Woohoo!
Morning Run Face in 65 degree humidity.  Awww yeah.
Also - 

1.  It's my last week at my full time job so things are nuts.
2.  I got the job at the running store, so you're looking at Fleet Feet's newest employee. Huzzah!
3.  I managed to sustain the 7 pound weight loss from the cleanse, but that was all she wrote, so I'm on to just better eating habits right now in the quest for more poundage down the toilet.
4.  This Chinese company has been bugging me to secure the rights to my company's website name through all the Chinese web domains and it's really bugging me.  Of course they want me to shell out for them to make them money and if I don't, this other company is going to buy them up and start posting stuff on them that has nothing to do with us.  It's China, so part of me doesn't care, but I feel like they're taking something that belongs to me and we don't have the kind of cash right now to buy out all the Chinese domains.  Grrr.

How's that for a sampler package?  Haha.

I find it totally appropriate that the City business class that I'm taking on Friday morning - my last official day of work before turning in my keys - is called "How to Start and Stay in Business."  I think that's kicking things off on exactly the right foot.

Stay tuned folks.  Let's DO this thing!

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